DIGITALIZATION – Securities & Exchange Commission (2024)


Listed Company

Stock Broker

Stock Exchange (CSE)

Online CDS account opening in less than five minutes

“An end-to-end interactive investor on-boarding process has been designed to enhance the investment experience and to facilitate instant trading eliminating all manual processes for faster investment enablement from anywhere with a Sri Lankan NIC and Bank Account”

On line account opening to facilitate an enhanced investment experience for fast trading with the following features

Online account opening process will validate critical information like email and mobile numbers to establish a direct communication with investor

Enabling Stock Brokers to digitally acquire new investors through online account creation, digital content distribution and linking it to their own website and social media pages

Establish a direct link with the investor to distribute account statements electronically fast and easy

· Digital On-Boarding

Online CDS Account Creation and End to End Investor Digital on-boarding with eKYC in less than 5 minutes from anywhere

· Bio Metric Authentication

Access via bio-metric identification for enhanced security

· Automated NIC Verification (1st Time in Sri Lanka)

Direct automated NIC verification with Department of Registrar of Persons (DRP)

· Interactive step-by-step account creation via email and SMS

· Annual reports distribution

Availability, of email addresses to dispatch the annual reports, quarterly accounts and other materials in the prescribed manner of dispatching.

This will reduce compliance costs for listed companies

· Electronic Dividends Payments

Availability of bank account details of the shareholders to pay dividends within 02 days after the date of payment. This will reduce compliance costs.

· Virtual branches

Virtualization of broker branches without the need for physical branches

· Digital Content

Direct distribution of broker research report and investor content at no cost

· Social Media Integration

Ability to engage potential investors through social media and immediate online end-to-end CDS account creation

· In-App messaging

Engage clients direct through CSE’s new app

· CDS Statements

Ability to send the CDS monthly statements within few days

· Digital Investor Interaction

Interact with the investor digitally through In-App messaging, SMS, or email

· Investor Portfolio

In the next few months the launch of “e-connect” will give access to the investor to view their CDS account with other value added features like portfolio transfers electronically

Digital Interactive and Communication Services

“Communication with shareholders and investors have reached new heights in instant communication in multiple digital forms”

Instant Communication with the investor and shareholder in multiple digital forms

Fast digital annual report distribution

· Shareholder distribution of annual reports through In-APP messaging and email distribution in minutes. Rules have been amended to accommodate any electronic form

Stock Broker-Client interactives can be now done digitally in multiple forms of communication for efficiency and ease including market updates and rule changes etc

· Communicate with the Stockbrokers via the In-App

· Ability to send the statements of accounts via email

· Ability to send contract notes via email

· The CDS generated automated SMS on transactions establishes more governance in the investment process as an independent third party confirmation that will help build the client broker relationship

Manual account statements and communications have been converted to full digital form

· Monthly, quarterly and annual statements can be emailed, thus reducing the cost of printing, stuffing and postage cost

· Digital storage of securities account opening forms of securities accounts registered

· SMS: CDS generated

Automated day end SMS transaction summary

Instant digital announcements of listed companies

· All dividends, directors and any other company announcements can be made via In-App messaging and digital notifications instantly

· In-App Messaging

All announcements, alerts and notification via In-App messaging

· Email

CDS statements, broker statements, notifications and alerts

· Annual Reports

Sent via email and In-App messaging through the new CSE APP

· Siri and Alexa (AI Assistants)

The launch of interactive AI Assistants “Siri” and Alexa will be integrated to the database to check market movements through verbal interaction

Digital publishing of article and video content

“Digital content in article and video form can be listed in the new CSE to have all investment information including access to market data in the “Palm of the Investor Hand”

Information For Better Investment Decisions

Listed Company, Economic and International Market updated that has an impact for better informed investment decisions now in the “Palm of the

Investor Hand” via the new CSE App including the following:

· Investment Research Reports

· listed Company CEO Interviews

· Economic Updates

· Central Bank Updates

· Budget and Policy Updates

· IPO Company Content

· Market Data: Instant access to historic market information via the App that will facilitate better decisions

Digital Publishing of Listed

Company Content:

· Content in Video Form and Article From can be published in the New CSE App on new company information, CEO interviews, Product launches, Strategic updates at no costs directly through the new CSE App to communicate directly with shareholders and investors in the single information repository. This in turn will reduce the compliance and investor relations costs to listed companies

Brokers to publish their investment content and research material for investors to access and make an informed better investment decision

· Ability to publish research material to create greater investor engagement

· Ability to use digital platforms targeting the potential and the existing investor communities

CSE to launch information services that will enable investor development for greater participation and better informed investment decision making

· SEC Educational You Tube Channel: Ability to publish educational materials via YouTube and other digital platforms to educate investors and interact with via feedback and comments to build investor driven content

· Listed Company CEO interviews for greater investor visibility

· Economic and industry expert content investments based on fundamentals

· Quarterly Updates of listed company’s

Any investor and shareholder updated that needs to be communicated with regards to the listed company can instantly be sent to the CSE and published in the new CSE app with investor alerts

As an expert in the field of financial technology and online investment platforms, I've had the opportunity to witness the evolution of digital services in the investment sector. The information provided in the article aligns well with the latest trends in the industry, showcasing a comprehensive approach to enhancing the investor experience through cutting-edge technologies and streamlined processes.

Let's break down the concepts used in the article:

  1. Investor:

    • Refers to individuals or entities who allocate capital with the expectation of generating a return. In this context, the focus is on making the investment process more accessible and efficient for investors.
  2. Listed Company:

    • A company whose shares are traded on a stock exchange. The article emphasizes the use of digital platforms to improve communication and reduce compliance costs for listed companies.
  3. Stock Broker:

    • A professional or firm that facilitates the buying and selling of financial instruments on behalf of investors. The article highlights the digital transformation of stock brokerages, enabling online account creation, digital content distribution, and streamlined communication with investors.
  4. Stock Exchange (CSE - Colombo Stock Exchange):

    • The platform where securities, such as stocks and bonds, are bought and sold. The article focuses on leveraging digital technologies to enhance the overall trading experience on the Colombo Stock Exchange.
  5. Online CDS Account Opening:

    • The process of opening a Central Depository System (CDS) account, a prerequisite for trading on the stock exchange. The article introduces a seamless online account opening process, incorporating eKYC (electronic Know Your Customer) and biometric authentication for security.
  6. Digital On-Boarding:

    • Refers to the process of bringing new investors onto a digital platform. The article emphasizes the speed and efficiency of the on-boarding process, including the use of email, SMS, and bio-metric authentication.
  7. Annual Reports Distribution:

    • The dissemination of a company's annual financial reports. The article highlights the digitization of this process, making it faster and more cost-effective for listed companies.
  8. Electronic Dividends Payments:

    • Refers to the digital transfer of dividend payments to shareholders. The article underscores the availability of bank account details for prompt dividend payments, reducing compliance costs.
  9. Virtual Branches:

    • The digital representation of broker branches, eliminating the need for physical locations. This concept is mentioned in the context of enhancing accessibility for investors.
  10. Digital Content and Social Media Integration:

    • The distribution of digital content, such as research reports and investor information, through online channels. Social media integration allows for engaging potential investors and facilitating immediate online account creation.
  11. In-App Messaging:

    • Refers to communication within a mobile application. The article mentions the use of In-App messaging for direct interaction with investors and clients.
  12. Digital Interactive and Communication Services:

    • Encompasses various digital tools and channels for communication with shareholders and investors, including SMS, In-App messaging, and digital announcements.
  13. Siri and Alexa (AI Assistants):

    • Integration of voice-activated AI assistants (Siri and Alexa) to check market movements through verbal interaction. This represents a step towards leveraging artificial intelligence in the investment domain.
  14. Digital Publishing of Article and Video Content:

    • Involves sharing investment-related content, including research reports, CEO interviews, economic updates, and market data, in digital formats via the CSE App.
  15. Information For Better Investment Decisions:

    • The article emphasizes the availability of information on listed companies, economic updates, and international market trends through the CSE App to empower investors in making informed decisions.
  16. SEC Educational YouTube Channel:

    • The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) launching a YouTube channel to publish educational materials, enhancing investor knowledge and engagement.
  17. Listed Company CEO Interviews:

    • Featuring interviews with CEOs of listed companies to provide investors with insights and visibility into the leadership and strategy of these companies.
  18. Quarterly Updates of Listed Companies:

    • The ability to instantly communicate and publish updates regarding listed companies, ensuring investors are well-informed.

Overall, the article outlines a comprehensive digital transformation in the investment sector, covering on-boarding, communication, information dissemination, and investor engagement. The integration of advanced technologies and online platforms aims to make the investment process more efficient, accessible, and transparent.

DIGITALIZATION – Securities & Exchange Commission (2024)
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