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Once is enough, trial is alone. Grace fall into us.
All through the night, Father I crawled.
Sun of my soul be revealed. Walking amongst the stones
from the sky, feeling their rhythm wash over me.

Rite of this waring god. Destructive, alive, frees you now.
Rivers of fear, don't you know? Vigil of faith stills you now.
You've been shown over and over, don't you know?
You've been shown over and over, don't you know?

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Stones From The Sky song meanings

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    General Comment

    The final destruction of this world, the Apocalipse.

    MarlonMoraison January 09, 2010Link

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  • My Interpretation

    I read somewhere that this song was inspired by Tanguska mystery. And that would fit.

    gegege12on July 26, 2010Link

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  • General Comment

    When I was in a really dark place a while back, this is the song that brought me out of my hole. It speaks to something very deep in me. Lines like, "Trial is alone," and, "You've been shown over and over, don't you know?" seem to point to an initiation of some kind. Other than that I can't say, it really is a wordless experience.

    FallingUnknownon January 13, 2011Link

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  • General Comment

    I've lived this song. over and over don't you know?

    Lucasl12on January 08, 2017Link

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