Will grass seed grow if just thrown on the ground? (2024)

​ So you want to plant some grass? Do you know what it takes to plant grass? Is grass just one of those seeds that you can just throw on the ground and it will grow? We have all those answers and more. . .

Let us start with the simple question, will the seed grow if it is just thrown on the ground? The simple answer is, yes. Beyond just throwing the seed out into the lawn and not performing any grass maintenance there is a whole world of lawn care. While the seed is one of the most resilient out there. Even though the seeds will sprout if just thrown on the surface of the dirt there are negative effects of planting the seed in that fashion. Grass seed sprouting but not performing the proper steps to planting will have negative effects on the germination of the seeds. Over time the quality of the grass will diminish because it is not rooted in the right fashion and will stop growing. Basically the grass will not grow if no grass maintenance has been completing prior to planting and it is just thrown on the ground. It will be a waste of time and investment over time.

We have all the tips and experience that you need to know to get the grass to grow in your lawn. Performing the proper steps and having a grass maintenance plan is the key to getting the grass to grow and flourish. We have been working with our clients for many years to bring them those dark green and lush lawns. Delivering the highest quality of care and maintenance allows their lawns to look beautiful. Our services allow us to deliver the best seeds that will be able to thrive in the setting that the homeowner has. Tree shading and full sun require different types of grass. We research and review the setting and always provide the best seed. We will make sure that it performs and is to our highest standards.

Preparing the soil for planting seeds does not always have to be having topsoil delivered to the location. If the current soil is prepared in the right manner topsoil does not have to be delivered. The grass seed will sprout and grow.

The first thing that needs to be discovered is the pH of the soil. For grass to thrive the pH of the soil needs to be a certain pH. We can perform this test and have the results in just a short time or a test can be purchased at a local hardware store. If the soil is not in the ideal range then it will be work with you and devise a plan to treat the soil. We have a specific compound that is able to treat the soil and recover the pH. The treatment is applied right before we plant the seed.

Once the pH has been established, it will be time to loosen that soil. When the soil is loosened and has been aerated it allows the best root growth for the seed, We are able to perform both of these tasks with equipment that is brought to the home. The aeration is able to loosen the soil and also activate the nutrients and make it easier for the seed to absorb when it is putting down its roots. Both of these treatments are performed right before the seed has been planted. If the seed is just thrown on the ground it will cause poor germination. Taking the steps mentioned above will ensure that each seed has the best chance possible.

Then the seeding begins, most often a species of grass seed is used that has a diverse mix of seeds. This mixture allows the lawn to be able to grow and thrive in different seasonal conditions plus produces a darker green lawn. It produces grass that is similar to the grass you find on sod farms. The planting of the seeds happens with a grass seeder or spreader. These are either hand machines or a machine attached to a push bar. They both do the trick. The aeration of the soil allows for the seeds to fall and places the seeds just below the soil. They actually do not need much coverage. The seeds are able to do well in about ¼ of soil coverage. Next starts the watering process.

For more information about grass maintenance and service plans give our office a call today. We will prepare and produce a lawn with grass that will have all the neighbors checking your lawn out.

Will grass seed grow if just thrown on the ground? (2024)


Will grass seed grow if just thrown on the ground? ›

Let us start with the simple question, will the seed grow if it is just thrown on the ground? The simple answer is, yes. Beyond just throwing the seed out into the lawn and not performing any grass maintenance there is a whole world of lawn care. While the seed is one of the most resilient out there.

Will grass seed work if I just throw it down? ›

While the grass seed should germinate if you just throw it on the surface, you should know that there are a few negative effects of planting the seeds in this way. It could harm the speed and success of germination and may leave you with patchy and uneven coverage.

Can you just throw seeds on the ground? ›

you stick vegetable seeds in the soil. However, with wildflower seeds, a lot of them are really small. and they need sunlight to germinate. So you don't actually bury wildflower seeds, you can just sprinkle them on top of the soil.

Can I sprinkle grass seed on bare spots? ›

To plant grass seeds in bare spots, follow these steps for optimal growth: Rake the Area: Gently rake the soil to create a loose bed for the seeds. Sprinkle Grass Seed: Evenly distribute the grass seed over the prepared area, ensuring good coverage without overcrowding.

How long can grass seed lay on ground before germinating? ›

Whether you're repairing bare spots, overseeding an existing lawn or starting from scratch, you can generally expect grass seedlings to emerge within seven to 21 days when grown under proper conditions. It may take another three to four weeks of growth before grass is long enough to mow.

What to do after throwing grass seed? ›

Mulch with a weed-free straw, such as wheat straw, or use an erosion control blanket to prevent the seed from blowing or washing away. Water frequently to keep the seeds moist (don't saturate). Cut watering back to once a day when the grass reaches about 1 inch in height. Mow when the grass reaches 2-1/2 to 3 inches.

Should you water right after putting grass seed down? ›

Simply insert a long screw driver into the ground. If it pushes down 6 to 8 inches without much resistance, you have the proper water saturation. Water new grass seed for 5 to 10 minutes immediately after planting to gently moisten the first several inches of soil.

Will grass seed grow if you just sprinkle it on the ground? ›

If you simply toss the grass seed onto the soil, you will end up with poor germination. Thoroughly rake the area to remove any loose debris and to create grooves in the soil. These grooves will help increase the seed-to-soil contact that is imperative for germination.

Will seeds grow if you scatter them? ›

If you scatter lots of them it's likely that some will germinate. You can get mixes like that, sometimes called a wildflower mix. And with luck they will self-seed in following years.

Will grass seed germinate on top of soil? ›

Will grass seed germinate on top of the soil? Yes; in fact, germination will suffer if too much soil is placed on top of the seeds. The experts at Jonathan Green recommend placing a thin layer of mulch or topsoil over them to help keep them moist and warm and promote growth.

How to get grass seed to germinate quickly? ›

Use a "mist – lightly water – deeply water" process like this: After seeding and fertilizing, you'll want to keep the top inch of soil moist until the seeds start to germinate (aka sprout). This means misting the area once a day, maybe twice if it's unusually hot out there—but don't let the area get soggy.

Will grass grow back in bare spots? ›

It depends on the type of grass. Kentucky bluegrass has runners that help it spread on its own. But many northern grasses are bunch-type grasses which don't spread, so seeding is needed to fill in bare spots. Perennial ryegrass and fescue are among the non-spreaders.

What happens if you just throw grass seed down? ›

When you just sprinkle grass seed on an existing lawn, it ends up just sitting atop of the soil and a lot of it may never germinate. Then homeowners end up asking the question, why can't I get my grass to grow? In reality, the best practice is to have lawn aeration performed followed by overseeding the lawn.

Will uncovered grass seed grow? ›

Grass seed needs to be protected from the elements, such as sun, wind, or rain. A thin layer of topsoil can suffice but should not be too thick; otherwise the seeds could wash away or dry out before germinating.

Is it okay to walk on grass seed? ›

So, generally, once you're done seeding you should limit foot traffic for at least 3-4 weeks. Cool-weather grasses usually take a couple of weeks to sprout, but giving it a little longer to grow will help its root system to take hold.

Can you just throw grass seed on existing grass? ›

Overseeding is spreading grass seed over an existing lawn. Done right, it's a straightforward process that gets results. As grasses mature, thinning is normal—especially if you enjoy your lawn and use it often. Overseeding keeps your lawn competitive and steeped in youth and vigor, without starting over from scratch.

Can you plant grass seed without tilling? ›

Over-Seeding: A Quick & Easy Fix

It's also an easy and effective way to strengthen your grass – without the need of tilling the soil, removing roots or removing old grass. Over-seeding gives your yard the robustness it needs to fend off weeds, pests and fungus, as well as improve drought tolerance.

Can you just put grass seed on top of dirt? ›

Grass seed is surface sown, meaning it lays and roots on top of the soil, so it does not need to be buried. It's usually broadcast over the ground with a hand or rotary spreader. For that seed to sprout, it needs good soil contact, which makes soil quality a major factor in growing a healthy, uniform lawn.

What happens if you bury grass seed? ›

Remember, lawn grass seeds only need to be lightly raked into the soil, or even just scattered directly on the soil surface. Any seeds buried more than the length of the seed will have a hard time germinating successfully.

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