All Minecraft Paintings currently in game (2024)

Minecraft aesthetics, down to minor details, are quite important, especially if we aim to ensure that our house of building designs feel lively. If you’re looking to prune up your walls and break the redundancy of color with a Minecraft painting, here is a list of all the Minecraft paintings currently in the game for your convenience.

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Every available Minecraft painting

Paintings in Minecraft are available in various sizes, which players can use according to their needs. Here is every painting in Minecraft that players can use on both the Java and Bedrock versions.

All 1×1 size paintings in Minecraft

  • Alban: A man wearing a fez stood next to a house and a bush. As the name of the painting suggests, it may be a landscape in Albania.
  • Aztec:: Free-look perspective of the map de_aztec from the video game Counter-Strike.
  • Aztec2: Free-look perspective of the map de_aztec from the video game Counter-Strike.
  • Bomb: Painting of the map de_dust2 from the video game Counter-Strike, named “target successfully bombed” in reference to the game.
  • Kebab: A kebab with three green chili peppers.
  • Plant: Still life painting of two plants in pots. “Paradisträd” is Swedish for “money tree,” which is a common name for the depicted species in Scandinavia.
  • Wasteland: Painting of a view of some wastelands, a small animal (presumably a rabbit) is sitting on the window ledge.

All 1×2 size paintings in Minecraft

  • Graham: Painting of King Graham, the player character in the video game series King’s Quest.
  • Wanderer: A low-resolution version of Caspar David Friedrich’s famous painting Wanderer above the Sea of Fog.

All 2×1 size paintings in Minecraft

  • Courbet: Two hikers with pointy beards seemingly greeting each other..
  • Pool: Some men and women skinny-dipping in a pool over a cube of sorts. Also, there is an old man resting in the lower-right edge.
  • Sea: Painting of a view of mountains and a lake, with a small photo of a mountain and a bright-colored plant on the window ledge.
  • Creebet: Painting of a view of mountains and a lake, with a small photo of a mountain and a creeper looking at the viewer through a window.
  • Sunset: Painting of a view of mountains at sunset.

All 2×2 size paintings in Minecraft

  • Bust: Painting of a bust of Marcus Aurelius surrounded by pixelated fire.
  • Match: A hand holding a match, causing pixelated fire on a white cubic gas fireplace.
  • Skull and Roses: Painting of a skeleton at night with red flowers in the foreground.
  • Stage: Painting of scenery from Space Quest I, with the character Graham from the video game series King’s Quest.
  • Void: Painting of an angel praying into what appears to be a void with pixelated fire below.
  • Wither: Painting depicting the creation of a wither. This is the only painting not based on a real painting.

All 4×2 size paintings in Minecraft

  • Fighters: Two pixelated men poised to fight. Paper versions of fighters from the game International Karate.

All 4×3 size paintings in Minecraft

  • Donkey Kong: A paper-looking screenshot of the level 100 m. from the arcade game Donkey Kong.
  • Skeleton: A painting of the “Mean Midget” from the adventure game Grim Fandango.

All 4×4 size paintings in Minecraft

  • Burning Skull: A skull on pixelated fire; in the background, there is a moon in a clear night sky.
  • Pigsscene: Painting of a girl that is pointing to a pig on a canvas
  • Pointer: A painting of the main character of the game International Karate + in a fighting stance touching a large hand.

Can you change the size of the painting?

Each painting has a specific size and orientation that helps adjust to the size of your wall, but every design only has one size, so you may not have a large or small version of your preferred painting.

Can you overwrite paintings?

Minecraft paintings are also considered entities, meaning if you put too much in one place, it could cause some amount of lag. Furthermore, because they are categorized as entities, paintings can simultaneously exist in the same space with other blocks with a collision box that does not intersect with its hitbox.

How to make a secret door with a painting?

All Minecraft Paintings currently in game (1)

These Minecraft paintings can be used to create a secret entrance. All you have to do is make a two-block entrance and place a sign on the entranceway, and then you can place a painting on top of the entrance. Any player or mob that can fit that entrance can phase through the painting and into your secret room.

How to craft paintings in Minecraft

All Minecraft Paintings currently in game (2)

Crafting one painting is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is place eight Sticks and one block of Wool on the crafting table; you need to put one Wool at the center and eight Sticks around it, yielding a painting.

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All Minecraft Paintings currently in game (2024)
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